Thursday, September 25, 2014

A special Happy Birthday

I must say that I am a proud aunt to an amazing niece, Alex, who is currently attending graduate school at Marquette University.  She is studying to be a nurse, which warms my heart.  Alex has always been a compassionate young lady and one day very soon she will be a fabulous nurse.  

Recently Alex celebrated her 22nd birthday and of course I had to make her a cute card with an Action Wobble. Today I want to share this card with you as I post as a member of the Action Wobble Design Team! 

 This card started as a free, uncolored, nurse image coloring page character.  

 It was then colored in Photoshop to give it life!

With a few embellishments the card was finished.  The Action Wobble is under the image of the nurse.

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