Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Trunk Loads of Wobble!

Wow, it is another Tuesday Action Wobble post. Melissa here from M Miranda Creations!

Today, I am showing you my Elephant Belly Box and Card Gift Set!

I made one of these cards a couple of weeks ago and immediately thought after finishing it that it needed a wobble under its trunk. So I set out to make these as well.
I made it for a baby, but it would be a cute set for many occasions; especially if there is an elephant lover in your midst. And again my daughter is loving the wobble. She has become quite the wobble fan!
Here is a picture of the wobble under a trunk.
Hope you've enjoyed the project. Please stop by my blog to get all the details on how to make your own gift set and to see more pictures.
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Have a Happy, Crafty, Wobbly kind of day!