Saturday, January 25, 2014

My hearts all a flutter

Hi all, jen t here. Happy saturday!!! :) are you ready to get your wobble on? how about a lil inspiration?! As soon as i found this little ribbon heart in the dollar store i knew it was meant to wobble. So feeling in a valentine creative mood i made this valentines day wreath. For the wreath , i used a text print wrapping paper that i cut into strips the folded  long ways then short ways a few times to get the length i wanted , glued and layered  them on a circle of cardboard. Then, i added a doily along with a scalloped circle in the middle . Lastly, i added the wobble to the back of my red heart and placed it in the center then added the word love in stickers.  Know what makes this wreath even more fun? Everytime the door it is on opens- the heart flutters:) 
Thanks for stopping by! Happy creating! 

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