Sunday, March 31, 2013

"All About Me" Coin Holder

("All About Me" Albums for my boys)

      Hey Hey and Good Day!  Midge here and I am soooo extremely excited to be the featured designer today for Action Wobbles.  This project is LONG overdue :)

     Well, I have 2 special little guys in my life.  Dalton is 13 and Gunner is almost 11.  Believe it or not, I purchased the foundation for this project about 5 years ago!  Bazzill created these super fun coin holders.  I was always going to do one for each of my kids and it just kept getting put off.  I saw them sitting in my cupboard this week, and I knew it was time to finally get them done!  Here is the first one:

Here are some closer shots:  (The Dalton album has wobbles under the i-pod, rubix cube & peace badges) 


And Project #2:

The close-ups:  (The Gunner album has wobbles under the motorcycle, guitar & smiley face badge)

    Trimming the Action Wobbles (especially for under the motorcycle) is sometimes a little difficult but I always love the effect!  It is soooo worth it :)
     I am really pleased with how they turned out.  There are so many different ways you could do this "all about me" collage, even without the coin holder.  These will make great decor for the shelves in my kids rooms!  The "coin holders" are something my "little guys" can look back on and enjoy, even when they aren't so little anymore!  (insert tears here LOL)
I truly hope you liked these :)

     If you would like more info on how I created these, please come visit my blog here!

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Have a super crafty day!

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