Monday, January 21, 2013

Wobbly Calendar!!!

Hey Everybody!  Designer Midge here.  I am super excited about my Action Wobble project today!  As always, I am totally thrilled for the opportunity to be the Featured Designer :)  Ok, enough chitty chatty!  On to the project...
I found this desk calendar at the dollar store (minus the ribbon).  I thought the colors were cute, and I loved the built in stand.  The problem was that the back of the calendar was just soooooo plain.  I mean, I can't have people looking at a boring calendar in MY workspace :) so I dressed it up!  Here it is...
This view is soooo much better than just the plain boring blue don't you think?!?  I put an action wobble behind the big cream flower, which is made of ribbon.  For more info on this project visit my blog here.  I can't wait to get this on my desk and have some visitors!
Wobbles are fabulous and add such a fun element to any project.  I just love them!  Make sure and grab yourself some today at The Queens Royal Shoppe.   Well I hope you enjoyed viewing this project and I hope you check back again real soon.  Have a super crafty day!!!

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