Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy Holidays Wobblers!!

Hi everyone Monica here from sunny Florida although at the moment it is chilly!! and I love it.  I am hear to share a not so typical project.  I made some Christmas ornaments for our tree with the help of my niece again.  I purchased these wooden ornaments and painted them with Creative Inspiration Paints as well as the flower but I made the flower wobble around - don't ask me why but my niece insisted on doing this and ever since she has found out about the wobbles it is all she wants to do these days.

Here is another one we made but this one does not wobble - we compromised.

Super fun and super easy and I can not emphasize the beautiful coloring of CIS paints
So I totally recommend everyone go out and buy some WOBBLES and CIS paints!!


  1. Beautiful ornaments! Love the colors. Happy Friday.

  2. You and your niece did a wonderful job with the ornaments!! :)

  3. Your ornament is lovely - and I understand the addiction to wobbles! I have that too! Enjoy your day!

  4. So adorable and amazing what you can make wobble... just saying