Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wobble Wednesday Challenge

Boy is this week going by FAST!
Now let's get our winner from last week challenge 
Make sure you send your info to

Now on to this week go ~~~.>>>{Challenge {Here}
Ever have one of those project you doing and it just 
doesn't come out right
Well here your chance top show them off... 
This cute card {and mind you it's cute~} is full
of mistakes~ LOL yes The Queen does make mistakes too!
Shocker I know.., so these challenge is to make the best of your 
Goof up? your what happen ...and put aside cards....
YOU MUST use a Wobble on your CARD!
So go for it we will not JUDGE anyone its be fun
So take a project you started and put aside because it wasn't 
PERFECT! and slap a wobble on that puppy and join us in
This Week's Wobble Wednesday Challenge...

The Queen cute yet not so perfect card 
The mistake made was it's upside down so it open
from the TOP...and was too late to fix it already 
TAPE Down... UGH!!  
But you know what The Queen didn't let that get her
down and of course it WOBBLES so really it's PERFECT!!
so now it's your turn we wanna see your project that your
started and figured you never finish due to a mishap in the 
we all have that pile so bring it on...
(Now if you don't have any Wobbles yet, don't worry! 
You can purchase a special pack HERE)


  1. lol boy oh boy ! I've done that too! lol
    wicked cute card :)

  2. Oh my gosh!! I've done that, too!!!! How funny! Love your darling wobbling zebra! :)